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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Office Communication 101

Hi again.

I found a good little article on the Internet this morning and thought it worthy to share with you... all about office communication etiquette.

Thanks to writer, Rachel Zupek, a writer for the following good tips, entitled, "13 Things Not to Share with Your Co-workers." Have a read of the opening few paragraphs, then be sure to click the link to read the actual 13 tips she poses... they're good!

Here's what she says...

"It’s happened to everyone before. The constant flow of words that just keep coming, long after you’ve made your point (if there ever was one) and even longer after people stopped caring. The kind of gibberish that just won’t stop unless someone else starts talking. The type of chatter that inevitably ends with you wishing you’d put a sock in it.

Yes, verbal diarrhea is never a good thing – but it can be worse in some places more than others.

Like the workplace.

There are certain things co-workers need not know about each other – your baby-making plans and stomach issues, for example – but some folks just can’t seem to keep their mouths shut.

Some people talk to hear the sound of their own voice; others share because they don’t really have a life and, by revealing details you’d rather not know, they create the illusion of one, says Linda Lopeke, a career advancement expert and creator of SmartStart Virtual Mentoring Programs. “Then there is the person who believes gossip, even about them, creates instant emotional intimacy. It doesn’t

Now, to read the actual 13 valuable tips, click on this link...

I'll see you again really soon!

Warmly, Carolyn

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