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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Is Balance a concrete state?

Balance is often thought of as a concrete state one can aspire to “arrive” at. The inference is taken that once “found”, one “is balanced” and can simply stay “there.” It sounds wonderful to imagine living in a continually even and blissful state, but if you really think about it, bliss itself is also a constantly effervescent state. To freeze it would mean be to become immobilized, hanging on in resistance to the changing nature of life. We propose that balance cannot be “found,” but can only be “created!”

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Balance is dynamic!

Living balance is, therefore, a dynamic (ever-moving) experience as one consciously makes choices between the “either - or” presented by life itself. To embrace the richness of living it is important to acknowledge and experience the vacillation between the extremes and, in this way, grow accustomed and be in harmony with the natural rhythms of change and the unfolding cycles of life and living. Treat balance as a verb rather than a noun… for BALANC-ING will lead you to be “lively” and energetic in life.

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Sincerely, Carolyn Clarke

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Blogger Lee Reeves said...

I like your blog. I may link to it, if that's okay. I've just started a new blog called "Leaving Work Behind" at and would love any pointers you may have!

12:02 PM

Blogger Carolyn Clarke said...

Hi Lee,

Thanks for taking the time to write… and for your kind comments.

I went into your new blog and I must congratulate you, too. Good work and good topic, too. Be sure to place a bio in your blog soon… people really want to know about the person behind the writing, me included.

I appreciate being shared around, thank you… and will do the same. It seems we can compliment each other in a nice way.

Warmly, Carolyn Clarke

11:12 AM


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