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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Multi-tasking Whiz Kid

Hello to you.

I was quite surprised (while shopping for a new pair of dress slacks yesterday) to be referred to as a "going concern" by the clothing store owner, a virtual stranger. Puzzled by this unusual comment, I asked her what she meant by her naming of me. I chuckled in my mind because, in a way, I know that I AM a "going concern"... but wondered what SHE meant by it, compared to how I think of myself?

She explained that a "going concern" person is someone who actively multi-tasks. She apparently could tell by the way I was dressed, the bags I carried and my mannerisms that I am a business person, quickly fitting in a bit of specific shopping with my numerous other tasks.

Multi-tasking is something that almost everyone in North America has to do these days. It seems our "to-do" lists are longer than ever, and our time is shrinking to accomplish it all within.

It's true, I WAS in the middle of a long list of business and personal tasks that ranged between banking, buying office stationary supplies, getting my eyes checked and needing new slacks. Rightly named, I AM a going concern! With much on the go, time is of the essence.

How does the average person manage all that needs to be done?

How do YOU manage to fit all of your tasks into each day?

Do you have systems to help keep you on track?

Being the good organizer that I am, I rely heavily on lists to nudge my recall, using thoughtful coordination of errands I need to do and locations I need to visit. My English teacher's voice rings in my ear with his frequent use of the word "efficient" and I admit that I appreciate this part of my nature ... it serves me well in business and helps keep me sane.

So, while I initially bristled at the shop keeper's naming of me, I quickly admitted that it was just true so chose to accept it as a compliment instead.

Are you also a "going concern?"... a multi-tasking whiz!

Warmly, Carolyn
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