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Monday, August 21, 2006

Circling a Hamster Wheel Is Not Living

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When life is challenging and our satisfaction level is low, it signals a time to stir things up and make changes. But not everyone handles change well, some even resist it greatly, which only serves to keep them stuck in a pattern of static unhappiness.

I like the following quote, have a read;

"Many times people stay in places they don't like because they are afraid to move. Staying in the same place because of fear and apprehension is like living on a hamster wheel. Step off the hamster wheel by flowing with the changes in your life. Be it a mental or physical change, flow with it."

Quote is by Ron Rathbun... thanks, Ron.

Change need not be a dramatic and scary experience. Sometimes experimenting with a small change first can encourage the confidence necessary to adventure into even larger changes. Baby steps can lead you to good places and more fulfilment, too.

So, what are the patterns of behaviour or thoughts keeping you on a hamster wheel in life?

How many times do you think you'll "go around" before you'll consider making a change? What would push you over that edge into action?

One of the things that I ask myself when I am really intimidated by an impending change is;
"What is the very worst thing that could possibly happen if I undertake this change?"

As I listen within to the worst case scenario possible, I then ask myself this second question and again listen within for the answer;
"And if this worst case scenario really happened, could I handle it? Would it be the end of the world, or would I make something else out of the experience?"

In every case, the answer that comes to me is "Yes" and I am relieved to know that what seemed scary at first, doesn't seem so afterwards. Maybe this questioning will help you examine the hamster wheels in your life and help you take (even a small) step off into positive growth and change. Going around and around is a sad and dizzying experience... dare to live big! Life is not a dress rehearsal.

Warm wishes to you on your leap... it's not going to be as scary as you feared... go for it. You might even discover you have wings.

Warmly, Carolyn
your Personal Change Consultant


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