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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Play Helps Life Balance

Hi friends,
The summer sun is bright and it's a holiday long weekend here in Canada... woo hoo! Our community is alive with festivals to attend, music to hear, crafts and visual arts to see... which we're about to go and experience.

A vital ingredient in creating work life balance includes PLAY!

Maybe you're already smart about the value of including play and leisure time in your life... if so, good for you! But, if you are one to allow far too many "shoulds" pull at you and you don't give yourself enough opportunity to step back into the lightness of life, then no wonder you're out of balance.

Of course, play can mean anything that is fun and gives you pleasure... and there are innumerable possibilities, depending on what you fancy.

Check out what Richard and I LOVE to do for fun!

We bought a pair of these Honda Jazz scooters a few years ago and have had the BEST time chasing each other all over the coast.

Of couse, the gas mileage is unbelievable so we even feel we're helping to ease the environment, but most of all, we just enjoy the fun factor of them SO much.

Anyone looking for a breezy way to move around might consider investing in a scooter. We had NO idea that they would enhance our lives the way they have.

Now, our cat Diva... she has another interpretation of fun! Take a look... she's a little sun-worshipper! Is it a cat's life, or what. : )

Have a great time finding and expressing some fun today... it's good therapy for the soul... and bringing balance to life, too.

In play,


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