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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Move That Stored Energy

Warm hellos... Carolyn here,
Thanks to Today Tonight for making this following video available for our viewing, featuring Michael Licenblat from Performance Solutions (which, I believe is an Australian company).

Michael's message parallels our Inner Fitness(R) message in similar ways, emphasizing how important it is to implement strategies to let go of the day's stresses, so that you can be free of them instead of negatively affecting your physical body and quality of your personal life.

If your mind is still rambling through your work anxiety while you're eating dinner or laying in bed at the end of the day it means that your body is still carrying the stress messages you've not let go, and you are needlessly being influenced by the stress of the day. Michael emphasizes, as do we, that it is vital to find ways to move stressful energy in order to unhook.

Have a look... Michael has a good sense of humor and it's worth watching.

Enjoy! I highly recommend (if you are not already doing so) that you diligently work with the "Move That Stored Energy" tips we provided you with to free all the needless cooped-up stress from your day... you'll feel so much better!

If you do not have these tips, contact me at and I'll give you a copy, free.

Talk to you soon,
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