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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Express Your Passion

Hi Balance friend!
We as individuals need our unique ways to come alive in juicy vitality, whether it be through art, music, sport, etc. Passion is an important part of who we are as humans and is also important as a community culture.

Taking a sunny day to enjoy

the awesome antique car show that came to town yesterday, I couldn't help notice that the day was really about PASSION... expressed through these incredible 300 cars!

The day was electric as visitors and car owners excitedly poured praise on the uniqueness and colors and styles of the vehicles. 50's music played over loud speakers all the way down the mile-long display. Each vehicle was judged and awards were given to a select few, including our friend, Dick Glassford for his gorgeous car... congratulations, Dick! Thousands of people came from all over to be a part of the fun... and fun it was!

Yes, I like antique cars! But MY real passion came forward in photographing many of the cars and feeling the excitement of all the attendees. I also really enjoyed recalling the great childhood memories that flooded me of the various cars that were a part of my family's history. I remembered the very first car I ever bought with hard-earned cash (a classy little Datsun 510), which I realize could have been worthy of being in this car show for being a period car.

What do you have a huge passion for?

What gets your inner juice racing?

Are you expressing your passion with some frequency, or is it dormant?

It is VITAL that you make time and space in your life
to express that which really moves your heart and soul!

Find a way... somehow find a way!

Sharing my photo passion with you, Carolyn
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