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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Roads We Choose To Travel

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Richard and I have been away on a driving holiday, taking four days "on the road" into the lovely Okanagan area of central British Columbia. What a GREAT time we had, seeing the sights, sharing plenty of happy dialogue along the way and even considering some future goals.

It was also a happy time to visit some of our beloved family, time to catch up on each other's lives and have casual time in their beautiful community of Vernon. Our "family batteries" got recharged and our playful spirits renewed.

Time away from the usual routine of life, I realize again, is vital to wellness and joy!

Taking time to step back from all of the day-to-day work and home pressures, the mundane and the stressful means that our experience gets freshly shaken up, providing an opportunity to be a little different and see things in new ways.

Taking time away allows for our minds to quieten, our worries to diminish and our sights to shift to a broader horizon. Following the long road ahead takes us into new communities, seeing people living differently, seeing new terrain and new possibilities to consider . We found ourselves "thinking outside the usual box" of our established lives and entertained some changes we'd like to make in our future.

Stepping out into new places and situations reminds us that we can live in whatever way we choose, we can become a more expanded person and that our current living condition is of our making. Choices appear when the statis quo is stirred up and, suddenly, life doesn't have to be as small as it was before. Life will be what we make of it!

Driving holidays are like placing wings under our feet... and the road will take us as far as we can dare to dream. I love being free to roam and adventure and discover new places, new people and, especially, ME! Travelling has always provided the best atmosphere for knowing myself anew.

How about you? When was the last time you "hit the road" for a little spontaneity and refreshment of soul?

I highly recommend it! These little jaunts need not cost much, but offer so much in return. I can hardly wait for our next driving holiday... perhaps at Christmas.

Warmly, Carolyn
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