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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Toes Are Important For Balance!

Hello again!

Being away teaching a seminar for Core Training's Summit (for their realtor and mortgage broker members) for a week has made it virtually impossible to have computer time for emailing and blogging. Sorry to leave you with the same post for that long stretch!

So, I'm pretty upset with myself. My two-week-long painful suspicion was confirmed today...

...x-rays confirm that I have a broken big toe!!! It was during some expressive acting out at The Haven that I hurt myself... even after being forewarned about not using my feet head-on to do so... hence my being upset with myself.

Can't bend it. Can't easily walk on it. Can't wear any other shoes than flats.

Popping Advil to ease the pulsing pain. Reducing my activities... argh. Walking on the outside of my foot and causing the alignment of my body to go askew. Sigh.

What have I learned?

Having ten healthy toes are imperative for life balance!

Sure, healthy eating is important... exercise is important... boundaries on work time vs. home time is important... blah, blah, blah!

Today, MY balance would be achievable if I could have my healthy big toe back. Apparently, it could take a few months before it's really healed and I have its range of movement again.


Tomorrow I need to see my Chiropractor to put my mis-aligned body back into place, after compensating for two weeks. I'll make this my last grumble, I promise.

Whatever you do, protect your toes! They're mighty important ingredients in the life balance equation.

Moving like a turtle, Carolyn

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