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Friday, September 21, 2007

Great Customer Care For Business Success


I am forever amazed when faced with a business employee who could care less about customer care. No welcome, no smile and sometimes no attention at all... almost like they're resentful of me being there. What was the employer thinking when hiring this lackadaisical person?!?!

The very first experience that every customer ought to encounter when coming into any type of business best be a pleasant, positive person greeting you upon entering the door. If nothing else, I like to receive a "Hello" and a smile... better yet, "How's your day going so far and can I help you?"

Positive customer care gestures can be the difference between a business doing well, or failing.

Thankfully, there ARE those employees that go beyond the "call of duty" and make every effort to be helpful and make the business transaction a positive one. I had such an experience yesterday!

I spontaneously went into Lordco Automotive Supplies in Burnaby, B.C. looking for a reflective screen to apply to the rear window of our van, that serves to eliminate blindspots when backing up. Though an item they normally carry, they didn't have one stocked on their shelves and I felt disappointed.

To my amazement, "Gene" happily took on the task of checking the computer for any supplies, found that there were actually five of them in the warehouse next door, THEN actually went and brought one back into the store for me to purchase.

Talk about WOW-ING me!

This search mission took ten minutes out of his busy day, but he was happily determined to find this item for me... and I left feeling well cared for! Now, THIS is how businesses grow... having employees who sincerely want to make a difference in their customer's experience! Gene certainly did in mine... and, yes, I will shop at Lordco again as a result.

If you are an employee in a business, know that you have a momentary opportunity to make a sweet difference in the lives of your customers... and as you extend even simple gestures of care to them, you leave a lasting impression in their minds encouraging them to come back!

You know what else I know about giving caring attention to others...

... as you make a difference in their lives, you will feel also better about yourself for being such a great person!

Go on, touch someone's life with your upbeat attention today... and watch what happens!

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Warmly, Carolyn Clarke

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