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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Summertime Fun for Balance

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Thank goodness, in the midst of going through much renovation chaos, Richard and I are taking moments to step back and have some fun. With far too many projects going on all at once (and feeling rather overwhelmed with it all), we've not had nearly enough fun yet this summer... and that's disappointing considering how fast it is slipping by! Fun is a vital ingredient for living a balanced life... and I admit I've been off kilter.

Thankfully, 400 antique cars rolled into our little town a few days ago and dazzled the community with their showy features... everything from 1934 Model T's to the 60's and 70's muscle cars, drag racing cars, old ambulances, police cars and even a pedal car. Have a look...

To my special subscribers that are lovers of Boler campers, I thought of you as I saw this amazing vehicle. The owner of this trailer decked out the inside in a 50's jukebox style of decor... SOOO cute!
Enjoy... these photos are in tribute to you.

Being a 50's girl, I am naturally drawn to the shiny elegance of the chrome-laden cars... taking me right back to my childhood. This car was a nice example of what I really love.

Take a look at the chrome in this following photo. If you look carefully, you'll see my reflection in that amazing paint job. : )

I am so grateful for an infusion of community fun... my balance batteries felt a recharging this day. This coming weekend will help me further heal from renovation overload for an awesome week-long Arts Festival is now underway, which means dancing, singing, playing and remembering what summer is REALLY all about!

Hope you are enjoying some summertime fun, too.

Warmly, Carolyn

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