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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Surviving Renovations


I'm going CRAZY with the chaos of home renovations! Roofers are pounding non-stop above my head, making it impossible to concentrate and gradually giving me a headache... my office would have to be in the loft immediately below the noise!

I am applying several of the life-saving practices I know to use in times of stress;
  • deep breathing
  • drawing back
  • going for walks
  • unhooking from thinking I have to be a mighty productive person for now
  • and keeping a sense of humour through it all

It is no wonder that personal health and relationships get taxed during renovations. Thankfully, the bulk of our renovation noise and mess will be over in another week or two. I sure look forward to returning to the quiet of our mountainside and a sense of inner balance again.

Warmly, Carolyn...
temporarily out of balance

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Blogger Scott said...

Coincidentally, I've got the same thing going on here (new kitchen being put in). You've mentioned the hardest part (for me, anyway) - realising that I don't have to be incredibly productive right now.

After all, it's only for a week or two. I hope :)

6:50 PM

Blogger Carolyn Clarke said...

Hi Scott,
You're getting a new kitchen... lucky you! The kitchen is pretty much the ONLY room in our house that has NOT been done over the seventeen years we've been here! Maybe next year, who knows.

I'm sure not used to being knocked off my routine and work in this way... I've felt pretty out of sorts with it and look forward to geting back on track soon.

A few more days and the new roof will be complete... maybe my noisy head will quieten down at that point. :)

Hope you're having a good summer... or are you in the winter now?

Warmly, Carolyn

11:07 AM


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