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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Pleasure Time for Health and Happiness

As our Canadian summer nears its final few weeks, many people around us are scrambling to put last-minute vacation plans in place... us included.

One of the greatest drains on people is the continual stressful demand that everyday life and work takes on a person's health and energy. Overload ultimately takes a harmful toll on a person's ability to cope.

One remedy?

Mini time-outs! Even little spaces of time away from the same old routine can put a necessary breathing space back into a person's sense of being. These breaks can help re-establish better balance, improved moods and health recovery... and they can be inexpensive, too. Having had such a busy home renovation summer, all we can afford (in time AND expenses) are two miniature getaways to draw back and replenish before the fall truly arrives.

What Richard and I have learned from our prior experiences is that even 3 or 4 days completely away from the usual hustle and bustle of everyday life can totally rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit again!

So I ask... have you had a break in the last eight weeks? It need not be a full-fledged vacation to feel better... even a few days somewhere close to home can recharge your batteries.

This coming weekend, Richard and I are going to load up our new van and, with our cool travelling cat Diva, we're going to meet several of our friends for a camping adventure in Lund, B.C.! We all met in this same way last year, we had the BEST fun and felt nicely rejuvenated afterwards for it, too.

Take a bit of pleasure time for yourself... you deserve it!

Warmly, Carolyn and Richard, camping

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