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Monday, October 30, 2006

Carolyn's "Power of An Hour"

Welcome back!
(I'm mourning not being able to include photographs in each of my blogs... they make it SOOO much more fun and interesting for me to write and unless I can sort it out soon, I may change to another blog host. I'll keep you posted.)

It being a beautifully brisk fall day yesterday, Richard and I realized we had a list of yard duties that needed attending to before the really cold weather arrived for winter. Draining hoses, clearing the gutters... you know, things like that! We had very little time to devote to these tasks, because we had another major project requiring our attention only an hour later.

So, we implemented my "Power of An Hour" strategy and got an amazing number of tasks accomplished from our list! Then we moved on, as planned.

What's the "power of an hour," you ask?

This is a great strategy to apply when you feel swamped with far too many unfinished things pulling at you... in business and at home!

My power of an hour suggests that you devote one hour of totally undistracted time to a project that remains unfinished, moving it along as much as possible within that time frame, before you move on to a second power of an hour project... and a third, etc. But why stop after an hour?

What this one hour accomplishes is that your attention will be put towards a valuable project in a very concentrated way! Then, onward ho to the next one... which receives a similar focus of "get em done" energy, thereby moving several tasks steadily along at the same time ... until they ultimately get finished.

I was forever overwhelmed with too many things calling my attention. The first strategy I tried was to devote 100% of my attention to only ONE project from start to finish, only to find that I'd get horrendously behind on other critical projects. Okay, so much for that strategy!

One day, I came upon this "power of an hour" idea and was thrilled at how much I could achieve... in so little time AND while working on several tasks all at the same time.

I highly recommend that you put this strategy to work for yourself. You'll likely find it to be really powerful for clearing out those nagging incompletions, too. A lot of work can get accomplished in a small bite of time, when you really put your focus into it!

May the "power of an hour" force be with you. : ) Let me know how it goes... I'd love to hear about your successes.

Warmly, Carolyn
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