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Monday, December 11, 2006

The Best Medicine For Christmas Overwhelm

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I had a complete meltdown today... a moment of utter overwhelm and the tears suddenly flowed. It seems that the long non-stop list of seasonal tasks over these last few weeks became too much this morning... and I temporarily fell apart.

What I especially appreciated was having Richard come and simply be there close to me, listening attentively as I poured out my woes then taking me into his arms for a long side-by-side hug of reasurrance and comfort. Along with letting my tears flow, that 20-minute hug literally healed me back into the loving place within where all is okay.

The rest of my day has been filled with calm and appreciation.
Stress gone, new perspective.

We ALL have these moments in life, when too much is going on and suddenly the "emotional dam" bursts. After today's experience, I prescribe that the perfect remedy is to allow a conscious meltdown while having someone that really loves us not only listen without trying to fix us... but followed by some physical contact to remind us of what is really important. Being held made such a big difference to me.

I ask you;
In your moments of overwhelm... do you have someone close to you that has the ability to be present and still love you anyways?... you with your runny nose and crocodile tears, too! : )

In your moments of overwhelm... do you have someone close to you that has the ability to listen to your "emotional outpouring"... without trying to fix or counsel you? Sometimes we just need to be heard... without even a reply.

Finally, do you have a special someone that would take you in his/her arms and hold you ever closely as you remember that love is all that's important in life?

I SURE hope you have a beloved like I do. Even a friend? A child?

It's important to have a special person that loves you unconditionally, even when you're a momentary mess.

I feel SO much better... sometimes it pays to "just let it out!" And, I'm now happily wading through the list of Christmas tasks that still need attention, but without the buildup I had earlier.

I say, "Let some steam go... be heard, be held... you too will feel good for it!"

Warmly, Carolyn
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P.S. I love you Richard, you are healing medicine!

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