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Monday, December 04, 2006

Christmas Overload

Hi! The countdown to Christmas is on, approaching very quickly.

Are you already overloaded with Christmas, even though it hasn't arrived yet?
I admit I've had my moments lately... and some of you are expressing the same to me.

This holiday season, more so than others in the year, seems to require SO much extra attention with so many more tasks and such expectation that it causes anxiety rather than the joy it "ought" to have associated with it.

How to fit everything in... especially in addition to the usual busy schedules we all already have? I know my list includes;
  • Writing Christmas cards to loved ones
  • Sending out a business promotion to clients
  • Buying gifts
  • Wrapping gifts
  • Packaging the gifts that need to be mailed and getting them to the post office
  • Decorating the office
  • Decorating the house and tree
  • Hosting a Christmas dinner for family and friends
  • Christmas Day travels and an overnight stay
Staying sane and happy in the face of all the pressure can become overwhelming for many at this time of year! It is any wonder that Christmas creates a lot of anxiety and even depression.

Things that can help to manage your Christmas overwhelm could include;
  1. List priorities & time-line each task so it's clear what needs attention first.
  2. Work steadily on immediate priorities only, resisting the temptation to do other things.
  3. Ask for help and delegate where possible.
  4. Create little systems to make each task as easy and as duplicatable as possible.
  5. Keep it simple!
  6. Focus on quality, rather than quantity.
  7. Take breaks from it all occasionally.
  8. Spend within your means, so that you do not create that an additional anxiety for yourself.
  9. Reminder... small homemade gifts are received very well.
  10. Understand and respect your limits... don't try to be the Christmas task super-hero or you'll be sick when Christmas actually arrives.
Most importantly is to look after yourself well, eat healthfully, get adequate sleep, keep alcohol to a minimum and remind yourself that "It will all work out well" with the right mindset and spirit.

Don't sweat the small stuff... instead focus on the big picture of joining with those you love and having a joyous time together over the holiday. Afterall, isn't that what Christmas is REALLY about!

Warmly, Carolyn
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