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Friday, March 02, 2007

We're Unexpectedly Hibernating For Now... Sorry

Ugh... moan...
For the last few days, the nastiest flu grabbed ahold of both Richard and I... and we're being raking us over the coals, so to speak. I'm almost never sick, thank goodness.

Coughing deeply... ribs can actually hurt.
Achy all over... and without the benefit of working out.
Pounding head and neck in a vice. Where's my chiropractor now!?!?

There's really only one necessary thing to do. After remedying ourselves as best as possible, we're retreating our life force inward! No one else matters right now. No tasks, no calls, nothing. Life is on hold. Dreaded winter is still here.

Bye, we're having to disappear into temporary "sickness hibernation." All I can say is, I can hardly wait for spring. See you (hopefully really) soon... revitalized.

Ugh, Carolyn


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