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Monday, February 05, 2007

Clean Sweep for (Physical and Psychological) Space

Hello again!

Each time I've walked into our dressing room / closet lately I've felt overwhelmed... knowing exactly why... it was time to purge the excess!

Are you like me? Richard and I tend to keep things "because we might use them at some point." The truth is though, the excess sweaters and tights, the unused purses and footwear were crowding me and my closet made me feel claustrophobic lately. I knew it was time to do a clean sweep!

I weeded through EVERY item on the racks, the drawers, on the shelves and my shoe rack and the hour I spent doing so made a huge difference in function and feeling! As a result, I have a rather big bag of un-used items for goodwill that someone else can now get some use out of, because I certainly wasn't.

If you haven't uncluttered for awhile, I HIGHLY recommend it... the result is wonderful! I kept all the clothes, shoes and purses that I use and are dear to my heart, but let go of all the excess that made me want to avoid my closet. I've ALSO created space... AND, you know what THAT means... an invitation for new items to come in. I am smiling.

How's that for wonderful!!??!!

Next, I'll be tackling the big drawer stacked full of photographs that got printed but never found their way into albums. Photos onto CDs... that's the answer for this dilemma.

The truth is... clutter clutters! It drains energy and clogs up space... physical and emotional space. Clutter is the reason there's SO much claustrophobia in this world now! :)

I recommend (from experience) that you give yourself some breathing room, as I did, and clean out a closet for a super difference in your home (or work space).

Let me know how it goes... I bet you'll feel as I do... liberated.

Warmly, Carolyn

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