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Friday, December 29, 2006

Refocusing for the New Year

Hi and welcome!

Enough of the shortbread cookies, the mashed potatoes and chocolates filled with brandy!

The occasional little treat is wonderful, but the richness of the holidays has grown tiring and I have already begun to refocus for the New Year. Committed to power walking and stretch/yoga sessions each day, I've stepped up my vigor and am glad to be resuming my thirst for lots of vegetables, salads and healthier choices again. (Richard actually calls me "a grazing animal!")

Those Christmas "tasties" are a nice exception in serious moderation... thank goodness for just a few days each year.
Balance needs to be applied in our food choices, too. How are you doing in this food regard?

When we are aligned with eating mostly healthfully, the small exceptions can be allowed... but there comes a time to say, "Thanks, but no thanks" if the temptations become too great.

I've now invested in a three month gym membership and will get started tomorrow, choosing to not wait until the New Year like most people who set resolutions then break them soon afterwards. Why set goals for the future?... start now to get healthy and slim and sexy!

We'll be off for a sunny week in Arizona in May then celebrating my 30th high school graduation next summer... so I'm inspired to tighten up and be my most gorgeous physical self possible!

How are you going to get more fit this New Year? Maybe I can help inspire you!!

Warmly, Carolyn

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