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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Balanced Life Is Yours To Create... We Can Help

If you are visiting for the very first time, a hearty welcome to you!

And if you are a returning visitor, glad you're back!

We've had innumerable requests recently for an update on our current teachings, so I thought I'd write about it here in our blog. Here's what we're working on;

For these last six months, Richard and I have been busy condensing our twenty six years of counselling and seminar teaching experience into bite-sized writings to offer those seeking more work and life balance. As you may already know, we've been busy compiling an extensive eBook on this very topic, and though it is taking longer to complete than expected, it's arrival nears. The Christmas break will help move it closer!

Alongside the eBook, was born this summer. This modest little website is your (free) entry to receive innumerable Inner Fitness(R) Work and Life Balance tips, tools, projects, video links, audio links and powerful strategies for getting your life in better shape. Simply click on the link above and leave us with your name and email address... that's it!

We address balance very holistically... meaning that we feel it is important to have you work physically, emotionally, mentally/attitudinally, socially/relationship and also spiritually. As each of these aspects of life are given the nurturing attention they need and deserve, quality of life is given an opportunity to flourish.

After you subscribe, Richard and I will then begin sending you our mailings, giving you things to think about, ideas to experiment with, projects to incorporate, etc. Having worked with thousands of individuals and couples over many, many years now, we know that our ideas can make a great difference to your life... especially with committed implimentation in your daily life.

You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by signing up! If at any time you wish to no longer receive our mailings, you can simply unsubscribe.

Sign up using this link and we'll get you started on a pathway to a more balanced life.

We really look forward to sharing our years of experience with you.
(And, stay tuned for our eBook's final arrival.)

Warmly, Carolyn and Richard
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