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Friday, March 21, 2008

Protecting Our World's Seeds

I received an email from my Realtor friend, Rob Leeson yesterday. He wrote me about an important topic that I thought I'd share with you...

"I just read a very disturbing article in Wed. Vancouver Sun page A11 "Issues and Ideas" titled "Seeds of Destruction." (Following is a quote from that article.)

"Scientists are sufficiently worried about the loss of diversity that they've built what's known as the 'doomsday vault'. This secure facility buried in rock and permafrost above Norway's Article Circle is hurriedly collecting and storing as many of the world's seeds as can be found."

It is all about the ever increasing power our multinational corporations are gaining over our food supply and seeds in particular. Very disturbing when you realize only 10 companies have already gained at least 55 % control of the global seed market. "Soon, yet fewer companies will gain even more-perhaps 80%" The author is a highly respected local journalist Stephen Hume who writes in-depth articles on a regular basis for the Vancouver Sun.

An award winning documentary series Global Currents is airing the film "Hijacked Future" this Sat. (the 22nd) at 7pm."

I wrote Rob back and told him how I’ve read other articles about this very disturbing issue. Some are focussing on how the genetics of the seeds are being tampered with. Others focus on the world shortage of seeds, especially of the older varieties of seeds and how these selections are gradually disappearing.

One writer suggested how important it becomes that we all find creative ways to grow our own gardens, whether in our back yards, in community gardens or even in pots on our balconies. AND, how important that each of us also make the effort to collect and dry the seeds that come from our gardens to help in the preservation of seeds for all time. This last suggestion would also give us some control over the quality of seeds vs. the “morphed” seeds we’d have to buy from the monster seed companies.

This poor beautiful planet is in as much help as it can get now.

If you're in our westcoast British Columbia area and can view the television film, I'd welcome your thoughts.

Warmly, Carolyn

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