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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

How's Your Spontaneity?

NEVER before have I ever been SO spontaneous!

I know, I know... I keep going off and not talking to you for periods of time.

But, tell me...
If you had an opportunity to pack a suitcase and be on an airplane one hour later heading to a beautiful island for two weeks, wouldn't you do it too? Well, OF COURSE you would!

That's precisely what happened to me over the Easter weekend. An email came with a last minute invitation, I thought about it for about an hour, took the following hour to race around the house and throw necessities into a suitcase and away I went to board my float plane. Synchronicity had it that I got the remaining seat on the plane and the last available room at the retreat center... was I meant to go, or what!

Never before have I ever been so spontaneous... and I loved it!

I've always thought of myself as very adaptable, able to change with the seasons and places, able to travel in style and also rough it in the jungle, too. NOW I can also say that I am able to make prompt and decisive choices for myself and be free-spirited like the wind. How I like these characteristics!

So where was I, you might be asking? Here...

For the THIRD time since September, I got to go to the Haven Institute to attend a powerful personal growth seminar, Phase Two. This time was especially exciting as I got to meet up with approximately eight friends that had been in my earlier programs. And, believe me, when we spend two weeks together as intensely as we do at Haven, friendships become very deep, very fast!

I even got to have my very first experience of kayaking, which was wonderful!
I am ever grateful to Richard for supporting me to go and do this life-changing work on myself at this time in my life. Having spent many months at Esalen (a famous growth center on the California coastline) years ago, and knowing the transformation possible, Richard has urged me to gift myself with this experience for a long time... and I'm doing so now. I've come home feeling so rich in so many ways.

So, I'm back... gradually catching up on life and reaching out again.
I hope you've been really well and that you might consider crazy spontaneity in your life, too. Talk about affirming!

Yes, I'll talk to you again soon, Carolyn...
no more travel until mid-May now, when we will go off to Atlanta, Georgia.
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