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Sunday, May 11, 2008

How to Put a Little Play Back in Your Day

Ask yourself the following questions...

"Do I make any time in my average day for play?"
Am I trying to juggle too much in life and work?

Chances are you are like most others... you're moving through each day in a "responsible" way , taking care of those "shoulds" of life before allowing yourself ease and fun. It seems this is the typical North American way of life today.

Thanks to ARAcontent of Life Informed for the good little article posted, entitled "How to Put Play Back in Your Day"... it speaks to an important life focus these days.

Here's a paragraph taken from the article... have a read...

"Finding ways to put a little play in your day can increase the levels of satisfaction experienced at work. Yet despite these benefits, the Nestle survey found that at 42 percent, almost half of Americans think their workday contains no play whatsoever, and only 39 percent felt their's was a fun or playful workplace."

Click on the link below for the complete story... then do something to infuse your world with a new way of being.

Turning seriousness into a happy blend of responsibility AND playtime!

Warmly, Carolyn
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