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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Confessions of A Work & Life Balance Coach

Okay, I have a confession to make...

... this Work and Life Balance Coach (ME!) is currently a lousy example of work and life balance, living terribly out of kilter and running around in a terrible scurry these last months. I inadvertantly allowed life's craziness to take ahold of me, life's doled out a few hard knocks and I'm still not back in equilibrium yet. THIS is the reason you have not heard from me in a long stretch now.

How can I POSSIBLY write about balance and stillness and applying good practices if I am not congruent to my own message?!?! So, I've simply chosen to not write for this period of time.

I've been asking myself, "How did I let myself get so over-committed in work, work and even more work?"

How did I fall completely off of my fitness over these last eight weeks since our local Curves fitness center closed? (Gee I miss that great little program!)

How did I think it okay to begin eating anything and everything in sight without bathroom scale repercussions these last weeks?!? Eating chocolate every day tastes great but begins to show in the love handles fairly quickly! (How ironic that my last blog writing was about me doing a raw food cleanse for a seriously committed month! Did I EVER spin out from that!)

The loss of my fitness routine combined with the Christmas holidays and all the rich food temptations, my hips have widened by TEN pounds since the summer! I am definitely in a "tight pants" place in my self image again... moan... after I was feeling at my VERY best late July.


There's my confession! I feel better for it, too. It's just true, I'm no Work and Life Balance saint these days.

Thankfully, a New Year is almost upon us... a time to refocus, set some goals and get myself aligned as we move into spring again. My best "flourishing" happens between spring and late fall each year and I desire to move south for winter from now on. Winter, I recognize is consistently the hardest time of the year for me.

With my 5oth birthday looming next June, it inspires me to get back on the Work and Life Balance bandwagon!

You'll hear from me more frequently now that I've "fessed up!"

Warmly, Carolyn

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