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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Carolyn's Update

Hope all’s well for you and you’ve enjoyed the summer. Mine has been fast and furiously full… and I am happily pooped.

In addition to my continued involvement with our counselling business, I have re-incarnated my earlier profession as a furniture refinisher. I always love the hands-on transformational aspect of working with wood, so I’ve been growing a little home-based business over the last few months and am enjoying working on people’s antique pieces of furniture. I've set up a little blog at ... come and see the before and after photos of my work.

As a means to replenish my “social batteries” after so long at the computer writing my "Becoming the BEST YOU Possible" eBook, I accepted a job last May as an auxiliary worker for the Government Liquor Store (of all places!) to last through the busy tourist-laden summer here on the coast. It is seriously hard work lifting and uncasing boxes, stocking shelves and cashiering. For now, it is absolutely perfect, meeting my criteria of getting out of my head and working actively with my strong body, being a part of an upbeat team and interacting with my community members. Goodness, I’ve never done so many squats in all of my life.

So, THESE are the reasons you have not heard from me in a LONG while! I've never been so busy... and now the summer has wound down. This is my time to reach out and say, "Yes, I AM still here" and to refocus on MY work and life balance.

P.S. I had a wonderful Watsu water therapy experience recently and I look forward to sharing it with you... tomorrow... please tune in again.

Warmly, Carolyn

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