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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Do You Have Super-Hero Characteristics?


I wonder if this is you... have a read...

When a person gives and gives to everyone and everything else but themselves, it’s like they become their own worst enemy. There is only so much time and energy each person can give before some other part of their life starts to unravel. Unless new ways are put in place, the super-hero person stands a very strong chance of ultimately having to take serious time off from everything when his/her health fails... or his/her relationship fails, or ?

The super-hero role is a dangerous role for anyone to try and fill.
Super-heros are most susceptible to burnout… so, avoid taking the job description! Working Moms, you are a working group most prone to this “condition” and are called, therefore, to be especially aware and diligent with self-care practices.

Don’t wait until you get burned out or really sick before you hear the slow-down-message that you already know is before you. The answer?... take a look at what you’re realistically capable of giving at home and in your work. Look at what reasonable blocks of time are needed for each task then use this information to guide you to set clear boundaries for your health care.

These are simple suggestions and yet so hard for some people to put in action. Experience tells me that most people who bend over backwards to accomplish everything under the sun have a propensity to make the expectations of others more important than themselves. Some may have “leaky boundaries” and don't know how to say no. Others get an unconscious sense of value from meeting everyone else's agendas, even at their own expense. Praise and approval are not worthy benefits to burn yourself out. Steady progress is better than perfection!

If you try to live up to super-hero standards at home and work, ask yourself...

“What motivates me / drives me beyond reasonable performance?”
(This is a good question to ask yourself if you find that you are not having a life.)

P.S. There’s only one person that can help you break this cycle… and that’s YOU!

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