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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Summertime Balance

Summertime hellos!

How wonderful it would be to play complete hookie from all obligations and commitments (both work and personal) and simply play for the summer months! Those of you that can afford work time off and afford a vacation are fortunate. Those of us that have to continue working (me included), really need to make the time to have bite-size opportunities to break away and rejuvenate. Keeping up with all the peripheral "need-to-be-done jobs" has to be put into perspective (and occasionally put on the back burner) in support of healthy living!

Wouldn't you say...

The yardwork can wait one more day.
The filing of papers and answering correspondance can wait one more day.
Certainly, the vaccuuming and dusting can wait.
The mess in the carport will still be there tomorrow.

I admit, my life is hectic busy and not in very good balance right now and I know that working non-stop is simply not healthy. Thankfully, my involvements are ones I enjoy at least.

This is the time of year to be outdoors, walking in the woods, having a picnic or canoeing the inlet! Friends are calling to meet for barbeques, beer and laughing together. Nurturing our souls, our bodies and our friendships are key ingredients to life balance. Thankfully, our westcoast Canada summer season is fairly long compared to many other world regions... but still, time moves on quickly if we're not aware and setting priorities. Taking leisure time, balanced with other responsibilities is important for life.

So I ask, how are you doing in this regard? If you're like me, working like a dog and just managing to stay on top of necessary tasks it's time to step back and evaluate! Believe me, I am asking myself the following questions... you might ask them of yourself, too...

What are the aspects of life and work that could be slowed down for now?
What activities or commitments could be graciously declined?
Who could be called in to get help from?
How could responsibilities be delegated?

We've already had our longest day of the year, from here they begin shortening gradually. Now is the time to catch the spirit of summer and do some things to recharge our batteries, even if they're close to home and in the evenings after your work!

It's summer! There are festivals to enjoy, there are parks, there are picnics, there are bike rides, there are musical celebrations, etc. happening in your community. Get out and seek balance... instead of wishing you could have it. I'm committed to changing things for myself.

Here's a photo taken during our recent Canada Day parade...

Warmly, Carolyn

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