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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Becoming the BEST YOU Possible eBook Update

Hello and welcome!

This blog entry is to provide you with an update... to keep you posted on our "Becoming the BEST YOU Possible" eBook launch progress!

Those of you that have been novice website builders in times past will understand the "fun" I am having in building our website to promote our new eBook. What a steep learning curve this is... even with step-by-step programs available to assist the process.

I am so excited to get this eBook to you soon, after writing for the last eight months infusing my wisdom and creativity into form. With the eBook complete, my computer artistry has had to shift onto this new focus. Afterall, I can't get the eBook to you without the delivery mechanism... our website.

Most people have no idea what goes on behind the scenes of building a website... I certainly didn't! Let me tell you, it is an involved process. I have now written all of the content and decided on the design, fonts, colours, etc. There are creative periods which I enjoy and there are also the hair-pulling moments like earlier this afternoon... I've lost material three times today alone. Still, I happily push on, determined that I WILL deliver this eBook yet. : )

Hyperlinks, here I come. PayPal shopping cart, here I come. Etc., etc., etc. One step at a time, I progress.

So, I'll keep you posted. One of these days really soon, I'm going to surprise you and actually announce THEE date that this eBook will be available. It will be a day to rejoice, that's for sure. Joking with my family and friends lately, I've been saying that this eBook writing and web development turned into a nine-month long "pregnancy"... and soon I'm about to birth the "baby." Some baby!

Enjoy my Work and Life Balance tips in the meantime. (If you're not already subscribed, go to and leave me with your name and email and I'll talk to every couple of days with some awesome balance tips for a good life.)

Cheer me on in the background...
I can feel your encouragement.

Warmly, Carolyn

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Blogger Grant said...

Best of luck with the Ebook. I am sure it will be worth all the energy you are giving it. Can't wait to see it in print.


9:55 AM

Blogger Carolyn Clarke said...

Hi Grant,
Gee, thanks so much for the encouragement... that was really good of you!

Hey, it looks like you're providing a valuable service, too! As we all know, fitness and healthcare are vital components to a life of wellness and balance.

I wish you well in your venture.

Warmly, Carolyn

4:18 PM


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