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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The world works in mysterious ways!

My how things tumble into one another!

I shared with you yesterday that Richard and I had a delightful visit with my dance teacher of long ago... 32 years ago to be exact, yikes! Well, that lunch served to facilitate yet another long-lost connection from the past, this time with my other favourite dance teacher, too!

As it turns out, Penny lives within 30 minutes of our home and wants to be in touch... who would imagine... I can hardly wait! I sincerely thought these relationships were "in the past"... but they've regenerated a new life of their own and I feel like a little kid!

I ask you...
Is there anyone you wish you'd stayed in contact with from your long-ago years?

If desired, is there a way that you can put feelers out to find this special person and reconnect?

I, personally am SO glad to rekindle these relationships from my childhood... even though I'm all grown up now. :) I am inspired.

The world works in such interesting and mysterious ways!

May your most special person in the world from the past come into your world today, too.

Here's to happy endings,
Carolyn Clarke
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