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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Return To Affordable, Homemade Gift Giving

Six days to Christmas... wow!

If you are still not clear on what to gift your loved ones, consider avoiding the usual hype of commercialism and assemble or craft a few homemade gifts and give them instead of store-bought gifts, knowing that they will be happily received... because you took the time and energy to make them yourself.

You might be thinking, “What kinds of gifts could I possibly make before Christmas?”

Well, here are a few ideas for you to have fun with!

- make a batch of jam, dressing each of the jars up with ribbon
- make a few dozen cookies, fancying up each plate or tin with holly or nice paper
- frame a lovely photograph of yourself and give it to your loved one
- visit your local dollar store for token gifts, such as a perfectly shaped coffee mug, then fill it with a biscotti or two to dip
- buy a magnetized notepad & attach a pen for someone’s fridge door
(include a happy message on the notepad!)
- calligraphy out your favorite quotation or poem and frame it
- bake your most delicious banana bread and “pretty it up”
- make loaves of homemade bread and give it with one of your jams
- dry some nice flowers and make an arrangement, tied with ribbon
- write a heartfelt letter to someone you have been out of touch with
- or make a handmade Christmas tree ornament!

These are a few token gifts that we have had fun making and giving over the years. Undoubtedly, you have created special little gifts, too…
let me know about some of them, I’d love to hear from you!

If your budget is such that it will allow you to give a little more substantially and you are looking for something unique, here are a few more suggestions to consider;

- a subscription to a health magazine
- an appointment for a massage or pedicure
- a self-help book, audio book or video
- a beautiful houseplant
- a gift basket filled with tasty food items
- aromatherapy bath and massage oils, soaps
- a gift certificate for a house cleaning service
- tickets to a play, concert, comedy show or opera
- a garden ornament or accessory
- a yoga mat and video
- exercise equipment
- or a donation to a favorite charity... or another idea is...

A few years ago, Richard and I had the inspiration to make up “Sensuality Baskets,” filling them with taste, sound, smell and touch treats…a great CD, scrumptious cheeses and crackers, the very best chocolates, candles, bath essential oils, incense, etc. They were quite affordable to put together and were received with tremendous thanks.

So, there you are... a few ideas to give original and affordable gifts.

Make it a great holiday!

Warmly, Carolyn
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