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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Crossroads For Life Change

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I... I took the one less traveled by...
and that has made all the difference.”

Quote by Robert Frost

It takes great courage to live a conscious life, especially these days with so many stresses, temptations and distractions to sway us from course.

This human journey presents many crossroads to consider, some arrive with much fanfare and clarity, while others are subtle little paths that seem obscure and perhaps not worth considering. But every fork in the road is yet another opportunity that we can either see as an invitation and embrace, or can be seem as a dangerous or insignificant diversion instead.

Thanks to Jerry Horbert/Dreamstime for the perfect photograph!

I have faced numerous crossroads in my lifetime that blantantly presented themselves into my life, but there is one road that opened that I chose to accept... a life-changing road that stands out in my memory... and will forever.

I'd decided to enroll in a "Positive Thinking and Self Hypnosis" seminar (now 26 years ago) but was undecided as to whether I would take it at the Night School Program close by, or at the local college a little further away. It was the very same course being offered, but taught by different teachers... I did not know either of them.

Until I walked out the front door of my home that evening, I still hadn't decided which one I would attend. But letting my instinct guide me, I found myself walking to the Night School Program... and to this day, I am so glad I trusted the road I chose, for it led me to meet Richard, my now sweetheart husband! He was the instructor of that program (yes, I fell in love with my teacher)... and needless to say, THAT fork in my road was instinctively the best crossroad I ever listened to!

Crossroads arrive to offer us options, new choices, expansions on who we are being in life... and offer us ways to expand our horizons. But it is only the "listeners" that will recognize the crossroads before them and be open to the potentials they have to offer. With intrigue and courage, we can dare to open ourselves to the newness that life has to offer. And when we choose to recognize these crossroad opportunities that place themselves before us, we are then empowered to make conscious committment to the magnificent life journey that is ours to claim.
If you are seriously seeking to better your life (and aren't we all!?), let your "Crossroad Radar" become quickened and invigorated... and watch the new life choices that will awaken before you.

May your crossroads be as sweetly transformational as mine.

Warmly, Carolyn
your Personal Change Consultant

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