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Monday, September 24, 2007

Matcha Tea for ENERGY!

If you're like me, interested in good health and boundless energy, I'm excited to share my recent discovery with you.

Two months into using this natural product, I have noticed a remarkable difference in how much energy I have! What is the product, you ask? Here's what the enclosed brochure says...
"History’s oldest and healthiest natural beverage, Matcha Tea!

Matcha, or ceremonial Japanese green tea, has been by far the healthiest natural beverage known to humanity since its discovery over 900 years ago. Matcha is the oldest and most premium variety of Japanese green tea and it has the highest concentration of antioxidants, chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals compared to all mainstream beverages in existence to this day. Historically only enjoyed by Buddhist monks and nobility throughout the feudal ages of the samurai.

Origins of Matcha

Over 900 years ago, a Buddhist monk by the name Eisai brought over tea from Mainland China to be used as a miracle potion for ailments. When the teas arrived from China, it came in a powder form. It was customary of the times to grind the teas into a powder to facilitate transportation. When the Japanese incorporated green tea into their culture after the arrival of Eisai, it remained in its original powder form and consumed by diffusing it into water. As other surrounding tea nations continued to develop unique varieties of green teas, Japan steadfastly kept the old tradition of grinding the tealeaves and consuming the infusion and leaves whole. In short, the ceremonial Japanese green tea of the 21st century has remained the same since the 11th century.

Nutritional Value of 2g of Matcha:

• Polyphenols and antioxidants 0.212g
• Caffeine O.06g
• Protein 0.448g
• Plant Lipids 0.086g
• Fibre O.77g
• Calcium 8.4mg
• Magnesium 4.6mg
• Iron 0.34mg
• Zinc 0.126mg
• Potassium 54mg
• Copper 0.012mg
• Phosphorus 7mg
• Vitamin A Beta Carotene 500ug
• Vitamin A Retinol Equivalents 84ug
• Vitamin B6 0.092mg
• Vitamin C 5.44mg
• Vitamin E 0.56mg
• Vitamin K 58ug
• Thamin 0.012mg
• Riboflavin 0.027mg
• Niacin 0.08mg
• Folate 24ug
• Pantothenic 0.074mg
• Ascorbic acid 1.2mg
• Raise energy Elevate mood
• Calm nerves
• Boost metabolism
• 70 x antioxidants of orange juice
• 1 0 x nutrients of regular green tea 9 x beta carotene of spinach

To put these numbers into perspective:
• 2 cups of regular green tea has approximately twice the antioxidants of red wine, 7 times that of orange juice, and 20 times that of apple juice. Matcha, on a gram per gram basis, has approximately 10 times the polyphenols and antioxidants of regular teas.
• Matcha has approximately 9 times the beta carotene of Spinach, 4 times that of carrots

This is Matcha!"

I put one teaspoon into a fruit smoothee every morning. Match Tea can be quite strong in flavour and while some people simply mix the tea powder into water or juice and drink it, I like to blend it with several pieces of delicious fruit and frozen berries, making it taste delicious... play with your own combinations. Check your local health food store or specialty grocery store for your supply.

Here's to your "shazam" of energy!

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Warmly, Carolyn

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