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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Music In the Workplace

Thanks to the Times of India online newspaper for their Work and Life Balance article entitled,

"Work, office, music!"

Written and published 30 May, 2007... P.S. India is already into our tomorrow. : )

Have a read... I couldn't agree more!

"Many corporate organisations play non-stop music for their employees. Who doesn't want to lead a stress-free life? Indeed, people aren't hesitant while taking various steps to make their lives smoother. Be it playing with pets, a trip to the spa, vacationing, watching movies or listening to favourite tracks, all these serve as stress busters for many.

Music, the all-time favourite mantra for relieving stress, has been with us for ages. And now, with fusion and trance gaining popularity, it is a constant presence in many corporate set ups as well. Nikhil Mehta, an IT professional, says, "Music matters a lot, and adds positive vibes to the atmosphere. It helps relax amidst workplace tensions. It helps employees to work with efficiency and ease." Trance and golden oldies of Bollywood are the preferred varieties of music."

(Interestingly, I personally love to listen to Indian music as I work! By the way, have you discovered iTunes Radio yet? If not, check it out on the Internet... there are hundreds of online radio stations from all over the world to suit your preferred type of music!)

"As a matter of fact, some prominent radio stations too have come up with stress-busting music albums. Even when confronted by strict deadlines, music enables one to perform better. Rathi Pradhan, an advertising professional, echoes Mehta's thought when he says, "The pressure in our profession is too much. Music plays a key role, and soothes the mind."

Many studies have proved that music helps in reducing chronic pain. People suffering from back pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, and pain from injuries can benefit by listening to it.

Yet, not everyone is convinced that music is a blessing; indeed, some feel that it acts as an impediment to good performance at work. Mahafreed Irani, a journalist, affirms, "Music doesn't help and, at times, the songs are very annoying. Not everyone enjoys trance, and rock for that matter. Just because a few enjoy, everyone else is also forced to listen to them. It also hampers our work schedule since one song is played again and again."

Irani's view is not shared by the majority, who like to enjoy their day's work in the most relaxed manner possible. For them, music is the shortest route to bliss which they love to experience even while working."

While some prefer as much silence as possible to do their most productive work in, others are inspired by specific types of soothing music. What about you?

Tell me whether you are inspired or distracted by music in your working place... and if enjoyed, what type of music do you work best to... I'd love to hear from you.

Have a great few days until I talk to you again.

Warmly, Carolyn
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