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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Psychological Health In the Workplace

I was really pleased to read in our very own daily newspaper, the Vancouver Sun, an article emphasizing the importance of businesses looking after the psychological wellbeing of their employees.

"Look after your people and they'll look after your business" is the advice that a local psychologist, Jennifer Newman and chairwoman of the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Collaborative is sending out. (A good message, I say!)

How exciting to gradually see more and more corporations getting the message that satisfied and nutured employees will attend to their work with clearer and happier commitment. Those companies that make attentive efforts to create healthier workplaces are finding that they're keeping their employees and are also more successful at attracting new employees to want to work with them.

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Newman says that, "When people feel cared for, they are more loyal, committed and attracted to the company. When employees are rewarded for their work efforts and invited to be more involved in decision making, when they are given opportunities to balance work and home life better, they are generally more fulfilled in their work time.

Wow, it sounds like our Vancouver Airport Authority has a pretty wonderful Work and Life Balance Program in place... having won a Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award in 2004! Employees are offered flexible work schedules, "lunch and learn" sessions, fitness incentives and free yoga classes, stress management and nutrition classes, access to alternative healing methods, etc.

YVR has apparently observed a marked improvement in job fulfilment, a higher work attendance rate and a very low turnover rate since the beginning of their Balance Wellness Program began. Is it any wonder? People are HAPPY in their jobs!

This sounds SO encouraging. Heck, I 'd enjoy working in those conditions, too. Slowly but surely corporations are waking up to the fact that their employees are their greatest assets to mutual success!

Isn't this good news... I say, "It's about time!"

Warmly, Carolyn
Personal Change Consultant

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