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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Move That Stored Energy

Warm hellos... Carolyn here,
Thanks to Today Tonight for making this following video available for our viewing, featuring Michael Licenblat from Performance Solutions (which, I believe is an Australian company).

Michael's message parallels our Inner Fitness(R) message in similar ways, emphasizing how important it is to implement strategies to let go of the day's stresses, so that you can be free of them instead of negatively affecting your physical body and quality of your personal life.

If your mind is still rambling through your work anxiety while you're eating dinner or laying in bed at the end of the day it means that your body is still carrying the stress messages you've not let go, and you are needlessly being influenced by the stress of the day. Michael emphasizes, as do we, that it is vital to find ways to move stressful energy in order to unhook.

Have a look... Michael has a good sense of humor and it's worth watching.

Enjoy! I highly recommend (if you are not already doing so) that you diligently work with the "Move That Stored Energy" tips we provided you with to free all the needless cooped-up stress from your day... you'll feel so much better!

If you do not have these tips, contact me at and I'll give you a copy, free.

Talk to you soon,
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What IS Balance, Anyways?

Hello friend,
Since one of the questions we get asked from time to time is, "What IS balance?" I thought I'd address it here in my blog for all to read. Good question.

Some people we question tend to envision and aspire to the following description as representing the balanced life they seek...

"Balance - a life free from strain and struggle, one of feeling continually upbeat and untouched by the negatives of the surrounding world. Continual harmony... happiness and ease."

Can this be possible? This description is not very realistic, especially in the face of the growing pressure the world, communities, families and individuals face today. I don't have to recite the struggles we all face, you are already well aware of them yourself.

What is true about balance, then? Here's one way of considering the notion.

It is simply true that life consists of extremes... like a tension between the opposites. If we try to continually live in the neutral middle zone, I suspect we would likely be dead, figuratively if not for real.

Desperately straining to keep yourself "still in life" for fear of experiencing the shitty times, you will fall into static lifelessness. Imagine walking a tightrope... you have to admit that not even a practiced artist could be perfectly steady the whole time. Instead, every tightrope walker sways from side to side in order to gain practice, and with practice they learn the balancing skills to go beyond the inclination to fall over completely. Well, life is like that, too.

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Balance is a dynamic process... a verb, rather than a and ever-changing. To remain as much in balance as possible, it is important to vacillate between the extremes, but with practice you will become accustomed to life's natural rhythms of change... and hopefully spend more time in the "steady balance" of life.

So, we urge you, instead of fighting against the unhappy times, experiment with knowing these times as fully as you can... for they teach us life lessons and offer positive attributes, if we allow ourselves to acknowledge and own them. When we fully embrace the rough times of life, then of course the happy times can be truly happy...especially because you fully know the opposite extreme.

Interesting idea, hey.

Consider, what you do in times of struggle and unhappiness.
- Do you buffer against these times?
- Do you busy yourself even more, or do you wallow in your pain?

How you deal with those dark times will reveal really important information to you... offering you something to look at within yourself so you can redirect some loving attention to regain your center point of balance again.

Accept the great times, for they are blessed gifts to experience, and...
accept the rough times, for they are blessed gifts to also experience.

An alive person is able to move between the extremes... this is the real meaning of finding and coming into balance.

Warmly, Carolyn
your Personal Change Consultant

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