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Friday, September 22, 2006

Family Is Everything

Gee I'm glad you're visiting!

I had a spontaneous opportunity arise the other day... a tiny window of time to visit with my sister, Marina! She lives a long distance away on the northern coast of British Columbia, but happened to be in Vancouver for an overnight work experience. Since I typically only get to see her once or twice a year I jumped at the chance to see her, even for a mere hour and a half visit.

Talking on the phone is great, we do that weekly.
Talking and seeing each other over our videocams is also great... the visuals add a special element.
But it does NOT make up for time to actually be in each other's presence... to hug, to be close and share in a deeper way than is possible through other communication mediums.

Now more than ever, time marches on and lives get busy... and if not attentive, distance can grow in family relations. Our culture is suffering a deep division these days, with a degree of community missing and so many families affected by divorce. It definitely takes more initiative in these busy times for the family core to get together and share quality time.

I urge you to become / stay mindful about bridging any gaps occurring in your family. Heal the sore spots and make the effort to stay connected. Family ought to be a core foundation of our lives, well nurtured and care for.

How are you doing in this family regard?

How high on your priority list is seeing your family members?

Do you make the effort to keep in contact with siblings and parents?

I say, "Family is everything!"

My heart batteries are topped up, with even a short (but sweet!) 90-minute visit. Thanks, Marina... I love you.

Warmly, Carolyn
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