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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Self-Hypnosis / Meditation for Stress Relief

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Global change is under way and most people are feeling it's effects with more and more pressure. There are issues facing our countries, our peoples and our home planet that have never had to be faced ever before. And though it is an exciting time to be alive on Earth today, it is also a scary and insecure time, too.

How to stay focussed and calm and balanced in times like these?... a challenge facing most. It is predicted by the World Health Organization that stress, anxiety and depression will become the leading cause of disability in the workplace over the next 20 years. More and more individuals and corporations are now seeking answers to reduce stress, from taking yoga (at an all-time popularity level), to martial arts, fitness disciplines and meditation, too.

Self-hypnosis and meditation have powerfully positive effects on the body, including causing a slowing of the heart beat, the lowering of blood pressure, relaxation of the muscles, a gradual decline in the breathing and improved immune system.

The effects to a person's emotional and mental being are equally as dramatic, causing the quietening of mental thoughts, release of negative and depressive feelings... and infusing an inner peace in a person's soul. Self-hypnosis and meditation are the perfect remedy to eliminate stress and infuse relaxation.

Help your body to heal, your mind to become still, your feelings to seek joy and your spirit to know the purpose of your existence. We can help you with our series of Inner Fitness(R) meditation CDs to support your practice... Meditate. Practice self-hypnosis. You will quickly begin to experience the rewards, throughout your entire being.

This will be my last post until November 15th as Richard and I are off to teach a Work and Life Balance seminar in Austin, Texas! Have a great ten days or so and I look forward to talking with you upon our return.

Warmly, Carolyn
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