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Monday, April 16, 2007

Our Creature Relationships

Hi! If you are returning, welcome back... and if you are here for the first time, glad you're visiting. My blog generally "circles around" issues of work and life balance, but is occasionally peppered with simple human stories of everyday life... today's entry being one.

So much of our work (with husband, Richard) is focussed on relationship... of every kind. We counsel and teach husbands and wives, business partners and professionals, parents and children, etc. to relate in clearer ways together. But by far, the key focus of relationship focussed on in our work is the one we have with ourselves first!

Well, today's writing is on the lighter side of relationships... the ones (most people have today) with our beloved furry creature friends... our cats, dogs, birds, etc.

Here's a funny, little story sent to me by subscriber friends of mine, Bev and Ian. (Thanks so much Bev and Ian for giving me permission to tell your sweet pet story.) This is a moment Bev had happen recently with their dog Abby, have a read...

"A smile for today...
I usually never leave food in my purse but yesterday I had a bag of trail mix in there. I lifted my purse up & put it on the other side of the dog gate so next time I went in the kitchen I'd put it away. I went in the office to turn the computers on & when I returned there was Abby my basset with her head through the strap of the purse so the purse was dangling down from her neck & she was looking up at me with the most innocent face. She didn't get around to eating the trail mix but of course drooled on everything in my purse. What could I say but "That's why we love you - you are so funny!"

What a cute image, hey! Though Bev missed getting a photo of Abby "in the trail mix act," here's another Abby moment captured to share with you, instead. Apparently, she loves to help with the dishes! :)

The truth is, pets can contribute SO much to the quality of our lives! I am sure that every pet owner will agree with me how pets add an unconditional love and comfort factor to life unlike anything else! They raise our spirits when they're sagging, they drag us out into nature when we feel like passing it up. Our cats and dogs (and maybe weasels, pot-bellied pigs and birds, etc. too, who knows) become our loyal friends, infusing us with affection and fun.
Certainly, the healing benefit of animals has been studied and recognized... hence the value of taking dogs into the hospital to visit the ailing.

Our little Diva cat provides us with love and a point of balance each and every day! If you are pet-free and lonely, perhaps it could be your greatest answer to finding friendship and love. Here's our sweet one.

If you are a pet-lover and owner but are not making ample time to give attention to your pet, I urge you to... not only for the sake and health of your pet, but also for the healing and calming benefits to YOUR health, too.

Here's a "Creed For Animal Lovers" that I found recently (author unknown)...

"I shall be a believer of all that is good in man and all that is deserving in animals.
I shall plead for their lives, campaign for their safety and uphold their right to a natural death.
I shall seek out the injured and the maimed, the unloved and the abandoned and tend to them in their last days.
I shall not forget their place in the heirarchy of life, nor that we walk in each other's paths.
I shall bear witness to the wonder they bring into our lives and to the beauty they bestow on our souls.
I shall restore their spirits when they are waning, bind their wounds when they bleed, cradle them when they wimper and comfort them when they mourn.
I shall be near them in their hour of greatest need, a companion and a friend when their time has come.
I shall watch over them and console them and ask that the angels gather them in their arms.
From the creatures of the earth, I shall learn the fruits of compassion and undying love.
In their company, I shall indeed be blessed."

Finally, if you are indeed looking for more balance in your everyday life, spend time with a furry creature... their presence can be pure magic!

Warmly, Carolyn

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