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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Clear Mind, Bright Future


With the New Year freshly upon us, Richard and I went investigating for a great goalsetting program to inspire us into new levels of life and business movement... and did we ever find a good one!

Thanks to Sheila for her recommendation to check out "Clear Mind, Bright Future" offered by The Learning Strategies Corporation.

Seated and focussed in front of the computer for 2 - 3 hours listening to audio guidance and visualizations, we worked to capture our individual insights onto the 22-page worksheets provided as part of the program.

Wow, what great goals came forward for each of us! We're pleased.

Goalsetting topics include Life Purpose, the Legacy you'd like to leave, your Values, the working through of Fears, your Greatest Pleasures, Family and Personal, Career and Finance, Self Importance, Chief Aims, Success Habits, Positive Attitudes, etc. There's even a wallet-sized card to transfer your major aims onto to carry around and continually confirm over these coming months. That, in part, is how we manifest that which we want to create... affirmation!

Here's the link;

The $48 fee is well worth it... it will undoubtedly give you a wonderful thrust forward into the New Year of your dreams, as it has done so for us. Check it out.

Warmly, Carolyn and Richard
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