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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Feng Shui For Balance

Warm hellos!

I got completely bogged down working in my office the other day... something just wasn't feeling right and immediately I knew what I had to do...

... pull back from my work for a small period of time and Feng Shui my office!

What does that mean? It means that creativity just wasn't happening and I needed to "refresh" my room... then in my headspace. I know, it sounds "woo woo" but has some validity to it.

All it took was two hours... well worth the time because, afterwards, I felt SO much better. Every loose item sitting on the desks, around the computer got sorted and filed. Extra supplies that were no longer needed got completely removed from the room. No more little piles... though neat, now gone.

Next came a thorough cleaning... yes, I even moved all the furniture. Windex and a damp cloth lifted all the dust... even the windows got cleaned.

I watered my plants and freshened up my "tranquility alter" then burned some invigorating aromatherapy oils in the diffuser, so the room came alive with great mind-clearing smells.

At that point, I took a bit of time to unclutter my head through a meditation, made a delicious pot of tea then approached my work from a fresh starting point. It was like lifting a foggy cloud from my office. If you're not feeling very creative in your work space, I highly recommend Feng Shui-ing your office, too! It won't take long, but can make a world of difference to how you feel and subsequently work.

Warmly, Carolyn
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