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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Evoking Spirituality

Richard and I spent the past weekend facilitating a most wonderful and blissful Personal Retreat Program for two close friends wanting to expand their spirituality. What a special opportunity for us to be able to share our knowledge and to provide the space to evoke spirit!

How to find stillness in such a busy world? Life, with all of its typical hustle and bustle of activities can make it more challenging to make spirituality a priority.
This quotation speaks to the question, "How do I invite Spirit into my life?"...

“Are you doing something each day to restore and renew your spiritual energy so you can take that light with you into your world? It can make a huge difference when you energize your life by means of the spiritual practices you do…and most significantly, the useless activities you DON'T do!” Quote by Greg Barrette

What are spiritual practices? In our "Becoming the BEST YOU Possible" eBook, we devote an entire chapter to Spiritual Wellness. Here are the chapter headings that we write about;

* Nature’s Rebalancing Ways
* Rituals For Your Life
* The Value Of Meditation
* A Simple “Mindfulness Meditation”
* Clean Out the Clutter
* Create A Sanctuary
* Cleanse Your Home “Energy”
* Care For the Living
* Extend Loving Kindness

Also taken from our eBook, consider our list of potential Spiritual / Creativity activities to infuse your life with more meaning;

· read a “book of meaning”
· attend a sacred dance workshop
· mindfully walk a labyrinth
· attend a sacred festival
· attend a church service of your choice
· attend a sacred-type workshop
· attend a woman or men’s circle
· attend a Vipassana meditation session
· relieve a burdened mom for an hour, allowing her breathing space for herself
· take an elderly friend for a drive, tea or coffee and meaningful conversation
· become a Big Sister or Big Brother
· plant a special container garden and watch your labor of love grow
· or adopt a precious pet and treat it like gold…

…the rewards will be mutually great!!!

There you have it, numerous suggestions to bring a sense of sacred and spiritual meaning into your daily life. Easy and powerful practices can make a deep difference to the depth of tranquility and purpose of who you are, and how you experience peace. Attend to this calling and your life will become more enriched.

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There is a wellspring, deep within each of us, of a spiritual energy and power that most of us can barely imagine. As we make daily time to visit tranquility and focus on our inner essence or source, Spirit's presence renews us, Spirit's energy infills us, Spirit's light restores us.
Become refreshed, invigorated and healed!

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