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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Looking After Your Health Through the Holidays

Welcome again!

This is the season for much celebration and sharing with those we enjoy and love. Indulgence seems to be an accompanying ingredient in the holidays with Christmas baking, rich meals, taste treats and the drinking of alcoholic beverages tempting us... and, when kept in moderation, it is wonderful to savour it all.

But when unchecked, indulgences lead to weight gain, compromised health and possibly even impaired driving. Please be smart through the holidays!

"We usually do pay attention to our outer appearance, typically noticing whatever part of our bodies we are unhappy about. It behooves us, however, to get on very good terms with more than just the surface of our bodies as we grow older; for if we don't listen to our bodies and pay attention to our physical needs and pleasures, this vehicle that we need to be running well to take us into a long and comfortable life, will limit what we can do and who we become."

Quote by Jean Shinoda Bolen

A few smart approaches for enjoying all the richness of the holidays include;
  • eat something healthy before you go to social functions, so you're not inclined to make a meal eating all the snacks placed out around you
  • stay mindful when standing in front of food temptations
  • choose "smart foods" first and allow mini-taste treats over that
  • eat food at the same time you choose to drink alcohol ... don't drink on an empty stomach
  • drink a lot of water through the holidays, especially when drinking alcohol
  • a small treat slowly savored can be delicious, too... who needs the whole plate of Nanaimo Bars anyways
  • enjoy plenty of turkey and vegetables... and go light on the carbohydrates (potatoes, gravy, stuffing, desserts, whipping cream, bread, etc)
  • move your body every day in some way... stay active
Here's to enjoying the bounty of the season while caring for ourselves, too.

Warmly, Carolyn
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