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Monday, November 20, 2006

B.C. Lions Won the Grey Cup Yesterday!

Woo hoo! Hi and thanks for visiting.

Though Richard and I are NOT sports fans, we couldn't help but get swept up in the excitement of the Grey Cup football finale, afterall, our province's team was excitedly set to take the revered trophy home with them... paired with another good team, the Monteal Allouettes.

We went out to our local Lighthouse Pub, knowing full well that it would be packed with excitable community members and plenty of big screens to watch. We joined in the fun, sharing a tasty snack of sauteed prawns accompanied with a glass of lovely Australian Yellow Tail Shiraz red wine.

Our B.C. Lions "had" the game pretty much from the start, though we admired Montreal's firey spirit... they never once showed signs of waning in vitality, right to the end.

What I enjoyed most was participating in the community enthusiasm! Good and innocent fun... aligned with supporting our local athletes to play well (and hopefully win). To me it wasn't really about the game... it was about doing something completely out of character and being a part of our community, it was about being light-hearted, having fun and cheering for our home team. Lions... thanks for a good time and "Good work, too!"

Why am I blogging about a football game, you might ask?

I say, when you can, get out and do something out of the ordinary. Go and find some fun where you can cheer with your community members, such as what we did. Even if you're not really into sports (like us), experiment because you'll realize what fun you had anyways. Fun and laughter is good medicine... and are important ingredients for life balance!

Warmly, Carolyn
Still not a sports fan, but what the heck... my "fun batteries" are topped up now!

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