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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Gratitude For Your Life Bounty


Yesterday was Canada's celebration of Thanksgiving Day, a day set aside to take stock of all that life offers to be grateful for.

We spent the day with several of our closest friends, sharing happy conversation, much laughter, incredibly tasty food and sunshine streaming through the house throughout our visit. I captured the day in photographs, as I so love to do wherever I go, and happily emailed them out to everyone today.

This is "the good stuff of life!"

When I placed my head down upon my pillow last night ready to sleep, I could feel the smile in my heart from the day of being together with those that I love. Our cat, Diva jumped up and curled up beside me, heightening my happy feelings even more.

I've been hyper aware lately, in the face of the serious news of our planet lately, how important it is to disengage from all that is negative and stressful and depleting of vital life energy... and instead focus on all that brings loving, caring, joyous, positivity into my life.

It becomes all too easy to get sucked into the worrisome fear factor of life and forget to see that which is good and uplifting. If you are a magnet to the television or listening to the radio news, I urge you to monitor the amount of exposure you give yourself to it. While television has some valuable programming, as you know most of the content serves as a downer instead.

Look around your immediate life circumstances and FIND those things that you feel incredibly good about.

What's working for you? Build on it!

What can you expand on? Create it!

You want a better life?
Make it your life's purpose to focus on the good... the loving... the fun... the smiling... the friendship... the minute joys... and the mighty ones, too!

Life's great, depending on your perspective. And, if you don't like what you're seeing about life, "clean your glasses" for a new way of seeing. : ) Change your ways, make new rituals for goodness instead.

There really is so much bounty when we're willing to see it and open our lives to it.

Say a "thank you blessing or prayer" as you put your head on your pillow tonight and go to sleep with happiness in your heart. Sweet dreams, my friend.

Warmly, Carolyn
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