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Monday, August 28, 2006

Changing Your World Changes THE World

How powerfully true this statement is!

“Most people focus on DOING things as the way to make a difference. What they don't realize is that the most powerful way to make a difference doesn't require you to actually do anything at all!
You start by changing YOUR world;
You end up changing THE world."
Quote by Aman Motwane

This is yet another reminder of the difference between doing vs. Being.

Quantity vs. quality.

Inner vs. outer.

Doing things for people can be a thoughtful expression of our kindness, but it is not the act that endears us, it is the heart sentiment, the generosity behind our action that is appreciated and acknowledged.

Instead, when we are being truly authentic with others, this is the greatest gift we can give and the best way each of us can contribute to changing the world.

(C)2006, Photograph by Carolyn J. Clarke, all rights reserved

Become a shining example of consciousness, sensitivity, love and positivity. As more of us work on growing and becoming a better person then share our unique gifts with others around us, we send the big message out that, "The world is indeed a beautiful place."

We all have the potential to be this conscious, sensitive, loving and positive. As we commit to growing and changing, we grasp new learnings in a richly expressive way, put them into "Being" action in our daily life and reap the benefits for ourselves. But be assured, those around us will be watching quietly from the sidelines, observing our changes and will become naturally curious about what we are doing to grow.

I suggest that you keep your learnings quiet to yourself initially, but become a shining example of goodness and positivity... and people around you will stand up and take notice. They will want whatever it is that you have learned. They will become hungry for whatever it is that feeds you.

And at this point, we have the greatest opportunity to help others grow... when we are Being our true self with no NEED to do anything but BE a shining example. We touch people when we are real.

If more people would work to become more authentic within themselves first then share it outwardly, the world would heal. This is the true meaning of being a teacher.

Warmly, Carolyn
your Personal Change Consultant
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