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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Belonging to Community

Hello again,
Community is SO in the forefront of my experience and mind these days! Having celebrated Canada Day on July 1st in our little community (Sechelt, with a population of approximately 15,000 people), watching the colorful parade then joining in the festivities at the local park later enforced how blessed I am to belong to this beautiful coastal community and country. Canada Day is our equivalent to the United States' 4th of July Independance Day, a day to feel proud of those values we stand for and for being a strong people living in a resourceful land.

Here's a photo of our local Country Square dancers taken during our parade!

It is not only the "big picture" of living in this great part of the world that makes my heart swell, but the relationship with the surrounding people that makes me want to write today. Without valuable friends and neighbours (people who reside in close proximity to me, those known and even those not known, aligned in caring principles and actions), what is community?

As a means to replenish my “social batteries” and get off my butt after sitting at the computer for a year writing our BEST YOU eBook, I recently accepted an auxiliary job working for the Gov’t Liquor Store through the summer and again at Christmas. Here I get to experience another dimention of community, which I'm appreciating. It is happy, hard work uncasing boxes, stocking shelves and cashiering. For now, it is absolutely perfect, meeting my criteria of actively working with my strong body, working with an upbeat team of fun individuals AND talking with my community customers all day. I’ve never done so many squats in all of my life!
So, how do you experience a sense of community?

Who are the people that serve to inspire and motivate you?

Who really cares for you that you trust and appreciate?

If you do not feel you have a community around you, why do you think that is... and what do you think you can do to make it different?

Whether you know neighbours closely or not, it is important to feel that you belong somewhere! So, how about checking in as to who you care about, who cares for you, and opening your self and life more to let people in to knowing you better.

You really DO belong... but you have to open yourself to it!

Here's to community!

Warmly, Carolyn

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