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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Chiropractor Care

In my continued interest in my own work and life balance, I have included a new healthcare practitioner to help me... a chiropractor! My city chiropractor of years past just wasn't close enough in proximity anymore, so I've found someone closer to home.

It seems that all the sitting I've endured over these last six months of writing our "Becoming the BEST YOU Possible - Tools for Work and Life Balance" eBook has caused a feeling of compression in my spine and I've been hurting.

I had my first session with Dr. Steve Mayall last week and was immediately impressed with his knowledge, professionalism and his ability to shift me back into better alignment. I couldn't help but notice the parallel of how chiropractor care is to life... forever shifting around into better alignment and balance!

Fascinated that the initial computer reading taken of my spine, its colors revealed the exact thermal "hotspots" of where I was hurting and holding the most. It allowed Dr. Steve accuracy in treating my touchy back with deep massage-like movements before the actual adjustments.

I admit I've felt muscle sore for the last few days where he did his most focused work, and even more emotionally sensitive, too. We know from our counseling work that when you work at one level of healing, it affects all the other levels of our experience as well. By adjusting my body alignment, it moved energy not only at the physical level, but caused a rush of held emotions to be released. Overall, I feel so much better and I look forward to my next treatment.

I will see Dr. Steve with some frequency over this next while, to re-enforce this new alignment. His care comes at a perfect time, as our eBook is just days from being launched now, so soon I'll be out from behind the computer monitor and more active again.

If you have kinks in your body that cause you stiffness or pain, I highly recommend including a Chiropractor to your health-care team. And if you live in the Sechelt, B.C. area, I recommend Dr. Steve Mayall.

Here's to life in balance!

Warmly, Carolyn

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