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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

"What They DON'T Teach You" is right!

Thanks to the Business Standard for publishing this interesting little article... the author certainly presents an interesting twist on Work Life Balance!


Written by Ashutosh Garg / New Delhi July 25, 2006

Ashutosh points at the lessons learned, but also the lessons NOT learned and how education is slanted... in an insufficient way.

Here's a little example of what he has to say about his education pertaining to work commitment vs. leisure time (to me it sounds like what much of North America is suffering from!);

"Leisure: Most graduates of my vintage didn’t understand the meaning of leisure. We worked round the clock, determined to get ahead in the corporate jungle. We used to pride ourselves in saying that we had 180 days’ leave pending! Little did we realise how critical leisure time was to rejuvenate our bodies and minds."

I agree with you, Ashutosh... many people are missing out on these really important work and life balance values. The world would be a better places if we WERE taught these basic principles. Thanks for sharing!

You can read the rest of his article at;

Ashutosh Garg is chairman and managing director, Guardian Lifecare. He graduated from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management in 1979.