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Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Change of Pace Is Good For the Body and Soul

A change of pace is good for the body and soul!

Sometimes it is good to step out of our own world and enter another for awhile... this contributes to increased life balance.

My sweetheart, Richard and I got on an airplane a few days ago and flew to the north coast of British Columbia, into the scenic community of Prince Rupert, right on the coast. We are here to help my lovely sister, Marina celebrate a milestone birthday and it is sweet to be here with her and her mate. The sea air and the slower pace of life that is apparent in the "Rupertites" is having a positive effect on me... I feel more content and at peace being away from my usual world of activities, responsibilities and concerns... and instead, focused on play!

Stepping out of our "same-old, same-old" day-to-day lives can be a valuable way to recharge our internal batteries and refresh our spirits. And, connecting with family adds another all-important element of soul enrichment. Seeing new parts of the world, experiencing how other community people live, witnessing special traditions, hearing special stories and creating new memories has a way of filling out our personal life perspectives in broader ways than usual. I always tend to learn so much about myself through my travels and, for this, I am grateful.

I nudge you to step out of your personal day-to-day life, even for a day here and there, to broaden your personal and world perspective. Let yourself have some playtime... and, if you have family you haven't seen for awhile, you might consider including it in your time. Here's to recharged internal batteries.

(Happy Birthday, Marina. To be with you on this very special occasion is like giving myself a gift!)

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Warmly, Carolyn

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