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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Carolyn's Commitment to Curves

So, as the year soon winds down, I am already laying "Vision Goals" for my coming New Year! Here's what I am aligning with in excitement...

... a happy and serious commitment with the #1 fitness organization in the world...

... CURVES for women!!!

Curves is a facility, designed for women, specializing in their highly successful 30-minute workouts. Circuit training is an exercise routine that combines cardio and strength training using hydraulic resistance equipment. This type of resistance is similar to aquatics and becomes a function of speed. The faster your movement, the more resistance you will create.

Research shows that if you are strength training while losing weight, your body will first use its stored fat for fuel. The Curves Workout raises metabolism during a weight-loss program by increasing muscle mass. Strength training's ability to raise the metabolism is the secret to permanent results.

So, here's my my plan!
After sitting for an entire year at the computer writing my "Becoming the BEST YOU Possible" eBook (and suffering a "soft body" as a result), I've begun taking my "curvy" self to our local Curves club to get more fit and trim through committed workouts. I am about to get started in their 6-week Weight Loss Program shortly, too, applying their great dietary suggestions for a trimmer me.
If you want to learn more about Curves, check out their great website...

I'm stoked!! As I converse with the other ladies and hear of their amazing successes, I am truly inspired... and many of them are quite a bit older than me. I estimate that by the end of February, I will have much more tone to my figure, strength in my muscles, more wind in my lungs AND be ten pounds lighter! Teeny bikini by summer, that's my goal! : )

If you know me, I'm not into setting New Years resolutions, but I AM into setting Vision Goals for myself, which are much more inspiring to stay aligned with, than the "resolution shoulds" that inevitably get broken!

Have you considered how you might launch your New Year? This is the PERFECT time to start considering!

Curvy Carolyn

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